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Grantmaking Guiding Principles

Grantmaking Guiding Principles

The following principles guide our grantmaking:

Alignment with vision, mission, and priorities.
We invest in organizations and initiatives that align with our vision, mission, and priorities.

Build trusting relationships with grant partners.
Our primary role is to support our grant partners and help to amplify their work. We seek to build relationships with our grant partners and operate from a place of trust and respect.

Practice humility.
We acknowledge that we may not have the solutions. We aim to continuously learn, adapt, and course correct as needed.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are essential to our work.
We strive to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in our organization and grantmaking.

Listen, learn, act.
We believe those closest to challenges are also closest to the solutions. We listen for understanding and are responsive to the needs of our grant partners and community.

Collaboration and creativity.
We know that complex social challenges cannot be solved alone. Through collaboration, dialogue, and partnerships we are willing to take risks, be creative, and try new ideas to create social change.